Some of our permanent residents. . .
We depend on our faithful
volunteers to care for the
animals in our care.
Some of the animals that come to us simply are not adoptable or will probably not be adopted.  
They live with us as permanent residents of the rescue.  

One such dog is Ohitika (Tika for short).  She was a stray that had been shot at.  She is very timid.  
It took several weeks to catch her and help her heal and gain weight.

Captain is another.  He came to us as a senior stray that was severely injured.  Perhaps hit by a
car.  He recovered after several months of care and eventually found a home.  He was returned
this year because his new mom could not keep him when she moved.  

Missy was another stray that had been shot when we got her.   As a result, her leg had to be
amputated.  You would never know it by her ability to get around and her sweet personality.

Pumpkin was found at a horse auction.  He had a genetic defect which resulted in surgeries to
remove both his eyes.  He, too, has a wonderful personality and lots of energy!

Supporting Richland Area Rescue enables us to continue to provide a home to animals who
would otherwise have no where else to go.
Domestic Animal Rescue
since 1997
a 501(c)(3) organization

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