RAR Alumni and their new homes!
We are so happy to hear about the wonderful
families that adopt our animals.  

If you adopted from us, please feel free to send
in a photo and tell us about your new found
Buddy (black) and Bailey (golden)
were adopted in the fall of 2003.  They
are such wonderful additions to our
family.  Each one has such a fabulous
personality.  I think Bailey is the color
of her favorite food--peanut butter!
Hello!  Just wanted to let you know
Matt is doing wonderfully.  He
sleeps in our bedroom now. . .  We
still have to keep a close eye on him
outside since his nose will get him in
trouble, but he listens pretty well.  
He's great with the kids, too.
I adopted Lily a 3 year old Buckskin Mare in October of this year.  Lily was rescued
from the Slaughter barn at a local auction in April and was brought to the Richland
Center Area Rescue.  When Lily was purchased from the kill barn she was skin and
bones and her face was rubbed raw and bleeding from a severe case of rainrot. The
Rescue was surprised to find a Foal in the pasture with Lily 3 weeks later.  She was
so thin, no one ever guessed she was carrying a baby.  Unfortunately the foal died 1
week later - Lily did not have enough in her to sustain herself and the foal. Lily was
well taken care of by the family at the Richland Center Area Rescue. When I took
Lily home she was very hesitant to even let someone touch her. You could tell that
she was frightened of ropes and halters no doubt from her severely harmed face
due to the rain rot that was not treated in the kill barn. I approached Lily daily and
pet her flank until she grew uncomfortable and moved away.  This first time she
stood still for about 10 seconds and then ran away.  Now she will eat grain from my
hand and actually comes to the gate and Nickers hello to me. She is steadily gaining
weight and the rain rot is almost all gone.  She is beautiful and I am sure that with
some more tenderness and a lot more love, she will make a fine trail horse for
myself and my family!  Thank you Petfinder for helping me find Lily to share my life
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